Terranova Catering is a full service catering company located in northwest Gainesville sharing a space with the worker-owned and operated restaurant Civilization. We specialize in gourmet, handcrafted foods from a variety of world cuisines and focus on real, local and wholly hand-prepared menus. We support local farms by buying local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Terranova staff is involved in all processes from preparation and cooking to creation and presentation. The staff that prepares the food is the same staff serving the food. This hands-on equine allows us a more personal interaction with our clients and those who enjoy the food we prepare. We have become well known in the community for our elaborate presentations and for food that is unmatched in flavor, variety and visual appeal. This is the direct result of a creative and dynamic kitchen that cultivates the fine talent of its staff.

In business since 2002, we have developed a strong network of clients who continue to serve as our most powerful marketing tool. Terranova's main audience is people who love hand prepared, artisan foods and who understand that this requires more labor and costs a little more. In return, they are presented with food that is alive with flavor, beautifully presented and also have the opportunity to interact with the creative people who prepared it.

Most of our clients come to us by word of mouth from a satisfied friend or colleague. We plan thoroughly and early, often booking months in advance for events. If customer requests are too rushed, we don't take the event. If budgets are too low, we decline. If customers seem difficult to work with, we don't pursue the job. It is a simple way to ensure that our customers and our events are well suited to our talents and to our method of doing business. We don't try to match the mis-matched, and really enjoy the work we take. This shows in the product and is why the clients keep passing on the good word about Terranova. We encourage our clients to be detailed and direct with their feedback as a favor to us. This information serves to fine-tune our efforts to meet our customer needs.

Terranova Staff

The staff at Terranova has an investment in the people who request their food and it shows in their intensity in the kitchen. This is one of the reasons we have loyalty and longevity in our staff. There is no doubt in their mind that the food they produce in our shop is extraordinary and the ongoing input from staff and clients plays a large role in that. We hire people of all ages, which promotes dynamic discussions in the kitchen. We learn a lot from each other and it shows in our work.

Terranova fundamentally different from other food businesses in the way the company is run. We are not structured as a top-down company. We run from the bottom up. Our employees are our gold. Each aspect of the success of the company is filtered through the employees, from preparing the food, to running the restaurant, to serving in clients' homes and offices. Understanding this concept is key to building a company which is financially successful, which has creative energy, and can run itself with the guidance of the people who know it best, the employees.

Company Philosophy

Terranova has been a successful business venture on several fronts. Financially it has provided an unfailing profit since inception. It has been recognized in the local and statewide media on several occasions and it's reputation as Gainesville's most innovative catering company that has been built by an ever-growing list of top tier clientele. This excellence has been bolstered by a company philosophy, which is based on a premise of building honest and personal relationships with employees and clients and remembering that a strong place in the community supports a profitable business model.

A History of Local Involvement & Sustainability

Farmer's markets:
In the past we participated in three of Gainesville's farmer's markets over the years. The Union Street Market was our home every Wednesday afternoon for ten years. As the only full service provider at the market, we provided a large selection rustic artisan breads, savory pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, sweets, tapenades, dips and beverages. This not only provided continuous exposure for foodies to our changing selections but also has been a great source of catering referrals.

*Although we no longer sell at the farmer's market, we sell our dips and tapenades at the Citizen's Co-op on South Main street and other signature market items through the new Civilized Snacks, located within Civilization*

We see the importance of keeping money circulating in the local community. We support other locally owned businesses by purchasing catering products, office supplies and ingredients from local businesses.

We are a waste conscious organization in our use of recycling, fluorescent bulbs, powering down when the shop is closed, minimizing food waste, and composting throughout the restaurant.

We buy advertisements in local publications (hippodrome, civic media center, schools) and do charitable work for local businesses and nonprofits (Cotton Club, Peaceful Paths, Planned Parenthood, Graduate Students United, Conservation Trust for Florida etc.)

The local farms we source from include, but are not limited to:
Possum Hollow Farm, Siembra Farm, The Family Garden, Frog Song Organics, Swallowtail Farm

Supporting the arts:
Terranova has long been a proponent of the local art community by providing space for painters and glass artists, potters, weavers and photographers to host receptions and show their work to the community. This not only fills our restaurant with an ever changing array of interesting pieces but brought hundreds of customers to our old downtown shop on the last Friday of each month for the Gainesville Artwalk, a popular destination for patrons of the arts, to drink wine, meet the artists, sample our food and learn more about our company.